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World News | The United States strives to reshape the global food market and drive Russia out of it : Russian Embassy

Washington [US]July 14 (ANI/Sputnik): US accusations that Russia is obstructing the transport of grain from Ukraine are groundless and merely an attempt to reshape the global food market, driving Russia out of it. ci, said the Russian Embassy in the United States. .

“Our country does not hinder [grain] exports. It was the Ukrainian side that undermined the waters of the Black Sea…We view these statements as a sign of intensified US efforts to reshape the global agricultural market by driving Russia out of the food trade,” the official said. Embassy in a statement.

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The diplomatic mission also pointed out that the United States is using unilateral sanctions to block Russian business cooperation with foreign countries and ruin supply chains.

“As a result, importers face significant difficulties in obtaining agricultural products,” the embassy added.

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Wednesday that the Istanbul talks on the Ukrainian grain issue had produced substantial results, but more technical work was needed to materialize progress.

“Today is an important and substantial step, a step on the way to a comprehensive agreement,” said António Guterres.

“In a world darkened by the global crisis today, we finally have a ray of hope. A ray of hope to alleviate human suffering and hunger in the world. A ray of hope to support developing countries and the most vulnerable people, a beacon of hope to bring some much-needed stability to the global food system,” said António Guterres.

The UN has been working around the clock on the deal, but more technical work will be needed to deliver progress, the secretary-general continued.

António Guterres also thanked Turkey for “its remarkable efforts to convene these talks and its essential role” and Russian and Ukrainian officials for their “constructive engagement”. (ANI/Sputnik)

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