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WHO will continue until rice market is stable: Food Minister

The sale of rice and flour through the Open Market Sale (OMS) program will continue until the rice market is stable, the Minister of Agriculture said today (6 September 2022). Food, Sadhan Chandra Majumder.

“The government runs the program for five months – March to April and September to November – each year and the OMS service will continue as long as the market is unstable,” he said.

The government has launched WHO from September 1 and under this service, people can buy one kg of rice at 30 Tk and one kg of flour at 18 Tk.

Local government, Food Department officials and the intelligence team are monitoring the service, the minister said.

Talking about the supply of Boro, the Minister of Food said that the government had procured 11.21 lakh tons of boiled rice while 55.20 thousand tons of unboiled rice had been collected.

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“Government aims to buy 6 lakh tons of paddy but we only got 2.68 lakh tons,” he said.

During the current Aman season, the government will import rice after ensuring fair prices for farmers. The government will buy 10.30 lakh tons of rice and wheat from several countries, he said.

Under the deal, the government will buy 2.30 lakh tons of rice from Vietnam, two lakh tons from Myanmar, one lakh ton from India and five lakh tons of wheat from Russia, he added.

He also hinted at more rice purchases through the government to combat the drought ahead of time.

An individual can buy five kg of rice and flour. In addition, TCB cardholders can also take advantage of this opportunity.

Meanwhile, the government has also launched the “Friendly Food Scheme” from the same day under which 50 lakh people can buy rice at Tk 15.