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“Where Muslim population is larger, SC/ST reservation is over”, Sudhanshu Trivedi gives example of Kashmir-UMA

New Delhi: Recently, the central government had filed an affidavit telling the Supreme Court that state governments in states where Hindus have small populations can grant them minority status. Since then, the debate on the Minority Policy Amendment has begun. A televised debate on the same issue saw heated arguments between BJP Rajya Sabha member Sudhanshu Trivedi and a Muslim panelist. Sudhanshu Trivedi also referred to a statement by Samajwadi Party (SP) MP ST Hasan.

During a debate, Sudhanshu Trivedi referred to SP MP ST Hasan’s statement that if the Uniform Civil Code Act comes into effect, all rights of Muslims will be lost and they will not be able to have a second marriage . Sudhanshu Trivedi said there were four wives. His statement was disputed by the Muslim panelist who said no, there are not four wives, it used to be in Treta Yoga, but it doesn’t happen now, it’s not in Kaliyug. The Muslim panelist challenged Sudhanshu Trivedi saying, “Let them show me ten Delhi Muslims who have four wives.”

To this, Ashwini Upadhyay replied, “I will show 1000 Muslims who have 10 to 20 children. Meanwhile, Sudhanshu Trivedi said, “Where there will be Muslim rule, there will be four wives, there is no legal prohibition. ” In a statement by Shoaib Jamai, Sudhanshu Trivedi said, “Where Muslims become majority, SC-ST reservation ends, as if not in Kashmir? SC-ST reservation ends at university where Muslims became the majority SC-ST reservation ends at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and Jamia Millia Islamia At one time Pakistan-Bangladesh was also part of this country, there also had SC-ST and OBC. What happened to them?’

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