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Vaccination of Qawmi Madrasa students, floating population will start tomorrow

The health directorate is ready to roll out the special Covid-19 vaccination campaign on Sunday for students at the Qawmi Madrasa and residents of the capital’s floating communities.

A makeshift vaccination center will be set up at Kamalapur railway station in the capital to vaccinate the floating group from tomorrow afternoon, the Secretary of the DGHS Vaccine Deployment Committee, the Dr. Shamsul Haque.

He said: “We have not yet determined the number of people who will be vaccinated tomorrow, but we will be ready to vaccinate at least a thousand people.

“Vaccination of students at Qawmi Madrasa will however start in the morning,” said Dr Shamsul Haque, adding that the list of students will determine the number of students who will be vaccinated.

The number of vaccine aspirants from both groups will be decided and announced by Saturday, he added.

Earlier last week, Health Minister Zahid Maleque said the government would use Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose injections to bring the floating population under the mass vaccination campaign.

The vaccine will be used to vaccinate some 2.5 million people, who move around the city, work in shops, factories, the transport sector and staff in shops and small businesses.

At present, the government has 3.36 lakh doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine on hand.