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Ulema, Experts Offer Concrete Steps to Successfully Address the Challenges of Rapid Population Growth

MIRPUR: The State Department of Religious Affairs of the AJK hosted a roundtable of religious scholars supported by UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) in the state’s metropolis, which stressed the need to successfully meet the challenges caused by the increase in population in the country including Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Speaking at the oral argument titled ‘Rapid Population Growth: Necessity and Importance of Required Legislation in Light of the Teachings of Islam’ held in the state’s metropolis on Tuesday. Speakers included Chief Guest Hafiz Hamid Raza, AJK Government Advisor for Religious Affairs, Secretary for Religious Affairs Sardar Zaffar Khan, Legal Secretary Dr Idrees Abbasi, Secretary (Retired) for Welfare of government population AJK Raja Muhammad Razaq Khan, Dr. Jamil Ahmed Khan, UNFPA Reproductive Health Expert, Director of Religious Affairs Mufti Hafiz Nazir Ahmed, Director General (retired) State Department of Auqaf and other Islamic scholars, including illustrious ulema.

Hafiz Hamid Raza, adviser to the AJK government for religious affairs, said on the occasion that the increase in population was a permanent threat all over the world. He pointed out that the rapid increase in population in Bangladesh was being managed through consultation with leading Islamic scholars in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Dr. Jamil, the UNFPA expert, shed light on the harmful effects on the female body due to early marriage and its implications for the mother and the newborn. He referred to the new narrative from the Government of Pakistan which advocates that parents decide freely and responsibly on family spacing and size to create a balance between resources and family size.

Raja Razzaq, the retired secretary, stressed the need to implement the Common Interests Council’s recommendations in the true spirit that call for engaging the ulema for the cause of population management in the country.

Speakers strongly suggested that in Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir, the government and stakeholders should strictly follow the model introduced and adopted in various Islamic countries to tackle severe challenges including rapid population growth.