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UK travel plan B could work well for Indian companies

The UK will impose new travel restrictions, including internal travel, as Covid cases rise again. Representation image

From UK government action spurred by Omicron’s push to how the labor market is affected, a round-up of what’s in the news right now.

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  • Last update:December 10, 2021, 9:21 PM IST

Adversity for some, opportunity for others: The travel and tourism sector outside the UK has been hit hard after the UK government announced its Plan B would go into effect. This places additional restrictions on travel, including internal travel now that the government has officially encouraged working from home again. But that could mean good news for Indian companies to whom the work has been outsourced; the less work it takes to do from UK offices, the greater the possibility of outsourcing the work.

The quarantine riddle: Few people expect the new quarantine rules to be relaxed for travelers from Britain to India; on the contrary, they could well be tightened. Britain already has an estimated Omicron incidence in the tens of thousands. But no further restrictions have been placed on flights to India from the UK beyond the current air bubble deals. Arrival testing and home quarantine may not be enough to keep a few positive Omicron cases from falling through the cracks. And with the virus, a few cases is a lot, already enough for India to fear a third wave of the virus.

Tap the job: The new restrictions on travel outside Great Britain have hit the Indian community in London and surrounding areas particularly hard. Huge numbers of Indians work at Heathrow Airport and in the food service industry for airlines operating out of Heathrow. The spread of Omicron and new restrictions with it resulted in a work squeeze just when everyone thought they could go back to work as before.

Job creation : Indian technology and consulting firm Prodapt has acquired UK firm SLR Dynamics, which specializes in digital engineering and automation services. Prodapt previously acquired Silicon Valley-based Innovative Logic in August. The acquisition saved around 100 jobs at SLR, and over the next two years Prodapt expects an expansion that would create up to 500 jobs. UK Investment Minister Gerry Grimstone naturally welcomed this initiative.

The Chinese chicane: A new report from Reporters Without Borders which names China as the biggest kidnapper of journalists comes as no surprise. The report says that at least 127 journalists are currently detained in China. The report also names Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines as the deadliest businesses for journalists and bloggers.

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