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Turkey relaxes visas for inbound medical travel


As competitors have opened or plan to open to medical tourists, the Turkish government has allowed the Association of Service Exporters (HIB) to relax visa requirements for foreign visitors coming to Turkey for medical treatment. An increasing number of medical travelers from Bangladesh have come to Turkey.

The Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have signed an agreement, the Medical Visa Cooperation Protocol, to authorize the HIB.

The Turkish government says the medical tourism market has grown rapidly around the world and wants to resume inbound medical travel so as not to lose any opportunities.

Turkey claims to have received around one million patients in the past 10 years. The country aims to earn US $ 3 billion in medical tourism revenue by 2023. This is believed to be a realistic target, as in 2018 and 2019 it claims to have earned around US $ 6 billion.

Unable to travel to their usual destinations of India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, a growing number of medical tourists from Bangladesh have traveled to Turkey. Turkish Airlines now operates flights twelve times a week between the two countries. Many people go to Turkey because they share the same culture, religion and halal food.

Turkey plans to promote local hospitals in Bangladesh. Some companies want to set up medical tourism agencies in Bangladesh to promote Turkey.


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