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Sri Lanka Asian Cup hosts struggling chances, officials unable to travel to UAE: report

The Asian Cup tournament originally scheduled to take place in Sri Lanka has been moved to the United Arab Emirates due to the crisis in Sri Lanka. However, the problems don’t seem to end with the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) still awaiting the green light from the Sri Lankan Ministry of Sports to hold the Asian Cup tournament in the Emirates. Arab States (UAE).

Will Sri Lanka continue to host Asian Cup 2022 despite clearance delay?

According to, broadcasters initially raised objections to the tournament taking place in Sri Lanka due to concerns over its commercial non-viability. However, SLC continues to remain the host of the tournament which will be played in the United Arab Emirates. The report further states that the officials are currently still in Sri Lanka and unable to travel to the UAE to make logistical and operational arrangements for the tournament without the Minister’s approval.

If clearance does not arrive in time and arrangements are not made in time to visit players and media, Sri Lanka could lose hosting rights.

According to the report, in an email to the ACC President, Jay Shah said that Star India, the tournament’s host broadcaster, called for the tournament to be moved from Sri Lanka at the time, saying: “The air of uncertainty across several facets of the tournament will also impact potential commercialization, putting pressure on the ACC’s partners, including its rights holders. Given these circumstances, we urge the ACC to consider moving the 2022 Asian Cup to another country.

According to the report, after the ACC’s decision to change venue, SLC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the UAE Cricket Board to jointly carry out the operational and logistical arrangements. SLC sources have confirmed that despite the dilemma and the absence of local officials in the UAE, they are moving forward with hosting the tournament “remotely” with the support of the UAE board and the team. ‘ACC.

Full 2022 Asian Cup Schedule

1. Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan – Group B Match – August 27
2. India vs Pakistan – Group A Match – August 28
3. Bangladesh vs Afghanistan – Group B Match – August 30
4. India vs Qualifier – Group A Match – August 31
5. Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh – Group B Match – September 1
6. Pakistan vs Qualifier – Group A Match – September 2
7. B1 vs B2 – Super 4 Match – September 3
8. A1 vs A2 – Super 4 Match – September 4
9. A1 vs B1 – Super 4 Match – September 6
10. A2 vs B2 – Super 4 Match – September 7
11. A1 vs B2 – Super 4 Match – September 8
12. B1 vs A2 – Super 4 Match – September 9
13. Final (1st Super 4 vs 2nd Super 4) – September 11