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WhereIsMyTransport, a specialist in mobility and location data and technologies for emerging markets, has reached a major milestone by mapping 50 cities in Africa, Latin America, South Eastern Europe and Asia.

It claims to be the first company to offer high-quality mobility and location data in all these markets. Cities include Dhaka in Bangladesh, Bandung in West Java, Indonesia (its 50th city) and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, as well as Mexico City and Bangkok.

Central data source

The company began mapping public transport in South Africa in 2016 before expanding globally with the aim of becoming the central data source for high-growth emerging markets. It maps entire public transportation networks, produces point-of-interest data from centers of economic activity, and generates real-time alerts from road and mobility networks.

It can be used by public and private sector organizations to better understand transport networks, improve services and identify opportunities.

“For our partners, our global coverage is integral to their entry into high-growth emerging markets, helping them scale”

Clients include Google Maps and the World Bank and it has received investment from companies such as Google, Samsung Ventures and Toyota Tsusho. Its global team of 130 people has produced more than 1.1 million km of public transport network data and millions of other data points.

Over the past five years, the company said it has adapted its data management platform to emerging markets, expanded its offering and expanded its data production operations. Its first 25 cities totaled a population of around 50 million, its second 25 a further 25 million.