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Serbia wants to invest in food storage industry in Bangladesh

The European country Serbia has shown interest in investing in Bangladesh’s food storage industry.

Visiting Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic expressed deep interest in a courtesy visit to the Senior Vice President of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), Mostofa Azad Chowdhury Babu, on Thursday morning at a hotel in the city, according to a press release.

During the meeting, the minister said that his country’s storage companies are one of the best in the world.

Bangladesh can also benefit from Serbia’s investments in this sector, he added.

Mentioning that Serbia has concluded free trade agreements with Europe, the Eurasian Economic Union and Turkey, Bangladesh could benefit from the establishment of joint ventures and export at zero rates to these free trade countries.

He also expressed his interest in signing two agreements on double taxation and investment protection and promotion with the government of Bangladesh to increase bilateral trade.

Serbia also wants to recruit skilled and semi-skilled labor from Bangladesh in the construction and agriculture sectors, the minister added.

Meanwhile, the Minister urged Bangladeshi students to come to Serbia to study Agricultural Engineering as the country offers the best facilities of its kind in the world.

Senior Vice President Mostofa Azad Chowdhury Babu said 30% of agricultural produce is wasted every year in Bangladesh due to lack of packaging, transportation and storage.

The country has cold storage only for potatoes. There are no such facilities in the case of other cultures.

Serbia’s investment in building storage facilities will open the door for technology transfer, he added.

The two parties also agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the FBCCI soon.

The meeting also discussed the import of sunflower seeds, the contract cultivation of wheat in Serbia and the establishment of the Serbian Embassy in Dhaka.

Among others, Serbian Deputy Minister for Bilateral Relations Vladimir Maric, Foreign Minister Advisor Ivan Jaksic, FBCCI Vice President Habib Ullah Dawn, Director Amzad Hossain, Shomi Kaiser, Dr. Nadia Binte Amin, Abul Kasem Khan and General Secretary Mohammad Mahfuzul Hoque were all present at the meeting.