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Saudi fast food restaurant Albaik challenges its “branch” in Dhaka

Saudi fast food chain Albaik said on Wednesday it had no business in Bangladesh, while a Dhaka-based company said it had brought the franchise amid growing demand for fast food items in the country.

Some customers, who have the experience of visiting Alabik stores in Saudi Arabia and the recently opened store named Albaik in Gulshan in Dhaka, said that they do not get the same taste in Albaik in Dhaka as in Albaik in the Middle Eastern countries.

When approached about the franchise in Dhaka, Albaik replied to New Age on Twitter on Wednesday, “Warning: ‘Albaik International’ is an entity with misrepresentation and using original ALBAIK trademarks without permission.” ALBAIK will take all possible legal measures to defend its customers, its brand and its reputation against such imitators.

Albaik has mainly been selling roast and fried chicken since 1974 and is Saudi Arabia’s largest restaurant chain.

Speaking to New Age, Mohammad Anwar Hossain, who lived in Saudi Arabia and had been involved in the food and drink industry for more than 22 years, said he had the meal with his family members on Wednesday after hearing the name on the ad.

“I can bet you that what we ate in Dhaka is not authentic…I am totally disappointed and feel like I was cheated,” he said. New Age has approached the so-called franchise in Bangladesh on several occasions since January 4.

On Wednesday, Albaik International senior executive Mohammad Ishtiak claimed that they have brought the Albaik franchise to Saudi Arabia and are now working on finalizing their website.

There was another Albaik at Dhanmondi in Dhaka which sold fast food items, but it was closed five months ago.