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Restaurant owners call for end to “fear, force and fines” by itinerant court

With a nine-point charter of demands, restaurateurs said there had been harassment in the name of mobile court searches of restaurants.

“For no reason, courts with 15-20 cops, BGB [Border Guard Bangladesh], RAB [Rapid Action Battalion] and Ansar’s men are threatening us, ”the Bangladesh Restaurant Owners Association (BROA) said in a written statement on Saturday.

The association has asked for a directive to lead the courts, intended to stop sales of adulterated and stale food products.

“The courts have given a false message that we all sell adulterated food. We are not denying that some restaurateurs are resorting to illegal measures. But we want to correct our mistakes,” the statement said.

Restaurant owners at a press briefing in the capital on the same day cited at least seven authorities such as the standards and testing institution, the RAB and the consumer rights protection directorate who run the courts. .

They argued that assault by the courts if a restaurateur does not pay the fine is “unacceptable” and “unexpected” in any civilized country, and pressure by the courts to pay the fine instantly does not. could be “justified” by any law.

By law, the fine must be paid within five days.

“Fear, force and fine would have a small impact on ensuring safe food for Bangladesh – a dream of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh,” they noted.

Reduce the commission for food delivery services

Other key restaurant demands include commission cuts from 35-40% to 10% for food delivery companies like FoodPanda, Pathao, and HungryNaki.

“Companies are only supposed to charge for delivery, but they set the commission themselves. They should immediately be subject to a unified 10% commission,” said Imran Hasan, general secretary of the restaurant association.

The association’s leaders urged the government to formulate a guideline for burgeoning food delivery businesses.

Imran Hasan said if the commission is not set at a logical rate by the directive, the association will call for the suspension of food supply to businesses.

There are around 60,000 restaurants across the country, including 8,000 in Dhaka, according to the restaurant owners association. The association indicates that the number of restaurants currently offering online delivery services does not exceed 10% of the total number of establishments.

Introduce one-stop service

The owners claimed they had to work under 11 government agencies to get registration and renewal every year.

“Long registration and renewal processes are synonymous with harassment. We call on the government to introduce a one-stop-shop service for the sector similar to that of developed countries,” Imran Hasan said at the press conference.

He also called for extending the renewal every three years, which must now be renewed every year.

The owners demanded that all food businesses, including street food, be subject to VAT registration and tax breaks.

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