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Repairs to Dhaka-Ctg highway, roadside markets may cause travel issues during Eid

In addition, the prohibited three-wheelers, which still drive on the roads from time to time and are the cause of several accidents, pose additional problems.

“Once a blockage forms, it is not easily resolved. The situation causes extreme suffering among the passengers. It often takes six to eight hours to cross a two-hour route,” said Abul Kashem, Tisha Paribahan bus driver.

There is a “definitive solution” to this problem, according to Abul.

“If the traffic police do their job properly to monitor the markets, prevent three-wheeled vehicles from circulating and the road department stops repair work, there will be no traffic jams.”

Traffic jams are common near Daudkandi Upazila toll booths at Cumilla, Gauripur, Eliotganj, Chandina’s Madhaiya, Chandina Bus Stand and six markets at Burichang’s Nimsar.

In addition, traffic jams also occur in Mainamati cantonment area of ​​Adarsha Sadar Upazila, Paduar Bazar Bishwa Road south of Cumilla Sadar, Miyabazar of Chauddagram and Chauddagram Bazar.

Sometimes markets encroach on the highway, causing difficulties for motorists. In addition, several types of vehicles, including three-wheelers, are also parked on the highway adjacent to the markets for hours. Illegal three-wheeler stalls have also been set up in different places. All incoming vehicles are then forced to move slowly through these areas, resulting in traffic jams.

Accidents also cause traffic jams on the highway. It often takes a long time for traffic police to remove damaged vehicles.

Road maintenance work is another cause of traffic jams.

The experimental four-lane upgrade, stretching 50 kilometers from Cumilla to Daudkandi, began in November 2021, said Suniti Chakma, Executive Engineer of Cumilla’s Roads and Highways Department. “The work has been in full swing since January. Often people suffer a little because of this.

“Currently, there are no gaps on the highway. There are minor traffic problems where there are markets.”

Renovations are still ongoing, she said, adding that they want to continue work until the 25th day of Ramadan. The authorities decided to suspend the work during Eid after consultation with the traffic police and the administration.

“Let’s hope people won’t suffer during Eid because of the renovations.”

‘Mohiuddin’, a Cumilla bus passenger, said: “Over the past four months there have been frequent traffic jams on the Cumilla section of the highway. Passengers must suffer for hours.

“We want to go home peacefully during Eid.”

Police have taken steps to make Eid travel smoother, Daudkandi Police Station Chief Zahurul Haque said.

Additional police will be deployed on the highway during Eid, Zahurul said. No vehicle will be stopped by the police without precise information. There will be more police activity in places prone to traffic jams.

Mainamati traffic police chief Belal Uddin Jahangir said a team of wreckers were ready to quickly move damaged vehicles in the event of an accident.

Police personnel will be on duty at places where there are markets, he said. If the road stops the renovation work, the inhabitants will be able to reach their homes without incident. The police operation to stop the circulation of three-wheelers on the highway is also underway.