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New plea before the Supreme Court to control the population explosion

New Delhi: A new PIL has been filed with the Supreme Court asking the Center to develop effective rules, regulations and guidelines to control the population explosion.

The plea filed by Devkinandan Thakur, a resident of Mathura, called on the central government to determine the feasibility of enacting a strict population control law to guarantee basic rights including the right to air, the right to water, the right to food, the right to health. , right to sleep, right to housing, right to subsistence, right to justice and right to education.

“The PIL asks the Center to control the demographic explosion in order to guarantee the fundamental rights guaranteed by articles 14, 15, 19, 21 of the Constitution,” the petition states.

He added: “The petitioner argues that the right to clean air, the right to safe drinking water, the right to health, the right to peaceful sleep, the right to shelter, the right to the means of subsistence and the right to education guaranteed by Articles 21-21A, cannot be guaranteed to all citizens without effective population control, but the Center has not set up a National Commission to review the functioning of the 24th proposal of the Constitution to date.

“125 crore Indians have Aadhaar card, while about 20% or 25 crore citizens have no Aadhaar, and about 5 crore Bangladeshi and Rohingya infiltrators, residing illegally in India. From this, it is evident that the total population of India is over 150 crores and India has overtaken China,” the plea added.

Earlier, Firoz Bakht Ahmed, great-nephew of Indian Prime Minister of Education Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, lawyer Ashwini Upadhyay and others also filed similar petitions.

The Center previously told the Supreme Court that India is unequivocally against forcing family planning on its people and that any coercion to have a certain number of children is counterproductive and leads to demographic distortions. .

In its affidavit filed in the High Court, the Department of Health told the Supreme Court that the family protection program in the country is voluntary in nature, which allows couples to decide on the size of their family. family and to adopt the family planning methods that suit them best, according to their choice and without any constraint.

According to the arguments, the population explosion is the cause of more than 50% of the problems in India.

The PILs requested instructions from the Center to check the feasibility of making the “Two Children” law a criterion for government jobs, aid and subsidies, the right to vote, the right to protest, the right to property, the right to free housing, etc.

The government should declare the first Sunday of every month as Health Day instead of Polio Day to raise awareness of the population explosion and provide birth control pills, condoms, vaccines, etc. to the families of SAP and BPL, with polio vaccines, said one of the means .

The pleas added that as an alternative, instruct the Law Commission of India to prepare a comprehensive report on the population explosion within three months and suggest ways to control it.