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Khaleda takes solid food, but her condition remains unchanged

Khaleda zia

A doctor and family member of Bangladesh Nationalist Party President Khaleda Zia said on Friday that she ate homemade solid foods alongside liquid foods.

“Her health has not shown any change since Friday morning, but she ate some solid, home-made food Thursday night and Friday,” a member of Khaleda’s medical team and member of her team told New Age. family.

The doctor said Khaleda had not suffered any new internal bleeding since midnight Monday.

The former prime minister’s medical team said on November 28 that they, having been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and stomach bleeding, needed advanced treatment abroad.

She needs treatment with a “transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt” which is only available in a few countries, they said.

Fakhruddin Mohammad Siddiqui, a member of Khaleda’s medical team, told a press briefing that it would be nearly impossible to save his life without the TIPS treatment.

The technology is only available at select advanced centers in the US, UK and Germany, he said.

As the doctor said, TIPS is an artificial channel placed in the liver to link the entry portal vein to the hepatic exit vein.

Khaleda, 76, was readmitted to Evercare Hospital on November 13, six days after returning from hospital.

Khaleda’s younger brother, Shamim Iskander, filed a request with the Home Office on November 11, urging the government to allow him to travel abroad for better treatment.

On March 25, 2020, amid the Covid situation, the government released Khaleda Zia from the prison cell of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, suspending her prison terms in two corruption cases on the condition that she receives medical treatment at home and does not leave the country. .

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