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It’s time for international NGOs to treat local NGOs as partners, not vendors: experts

International organizations, including the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations, should partner with local bodies to implement projects and initiatives.

The call was launched Monday at a virtual conference organized by the Bangladesh NGO-CSO Coordination Process (BDCSO).

The BDCSO process is a forum comprising 700 grassroots CSOs / NGOs and their two-day conference was titled “Selecting Partnership with Policy and Through a Transparent Process for an Effective Civil Society Sector”.

Shireen Huq, Naripokkha, said: “Nepal has never been colonized by a foreign power; this is the fundamental reason why they formulated rules which mean that no international organization, be it the UN or INGOs, can undertake projects without partnering with local government. or local NGOs.

“Local Bangladeshi NGOs are now mature enough for all parties, including the government, to come together and develop a partnership policy for humanitarian and development assistance based on foreign aid.

Smruti Patel, from GMI & A4EP Geneva, said international actors should have a partnership with local and national organizations, which should be based on risk sharing. After decades of capacity building efforts, international actors should not raise the issue of the capacity gap, she said.

Jashim Uddin, ADAB, explained the experience with two international actors who had officially treated them as subcontractors or sellers.

“Our government should have a political commitment in this regard because the approach should be for the best use of foreign aid, they must intervene in this regard,” he said.

The conference was chaired by Shireen Huq and moderated by Md Mujibul Haque Munir and Ferdous Ara Rumee from the BDCSO process secretariat hosted by the COAST Foundation.

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