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Italy travel restrictions: Italy allows essential travel from India, Bangladesh, Brazil and Sri Lanka


The Italian government, in its latest decision, lifted the entry ban on travelers from India and three countries for essential purposes. According to the latest reports, Italy has now moved India, Bangladesh, Brazil and Sri Lanka to the E list.

In this regard, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation issued a statement indicating that since October 26, this order from the Ministry of Health abolished the special restrictions that were previously applied to arrivals from India, Bangladesh. , Brazil and Sri Lanka. , which are now included in List E, and will therefore be subject to the rules applicable to these countries.

As such, travelers entering Italy from these four countries will not be required to provide an authorization from the Italian Ministry of Health, in accordance with the new guidelines.

Reports indicate that the essential purpose category will include travel for work, school and health. People traveling for other essential purposes and for urgent matters will also be allowed to enter Italy after following the necessary guidelines.

Italy allows essential travel from India, Bangladesh, Brazil and Sri Lanka

According to the latest standards, travelers returning to Italy after having transited or stayed in one of the four countries in the last 14 days, had to provide a negative COVID-19 test report which was carried out within 72 hours before the Entrance.

In addition, those coming from India and the above three countries are required to complete a digital passenger tracking form and notify health authorities upon arrival, after which they must undergo a 10-day quarantine and undergo a another COVID test at the end. of the period of isolation.

It would appear that transport crew members, cross-border workers, on-board transport staff, students, among others, fall under the list of exemptions.


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