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Inter-district movement of motorcycles prohibited for 7 days

After banning motorbikes on the Padma Bridge and the Dhaka-Mawa highway, the Roads and Highways Department (RHD) decided to ban motorbikes from driving between districts for seven days – before and after Eid.

The decision was taken during an emergency meeting held on Sunday at the Ministry of Road Transport in the secretariat.

Circulars will be issued immediately in accordance with these rulings, ABM Road Transport and Highways Division Secretary Amin Ullah Nuri told The Business Standard.

He said: “Three days before Eid, three days after Eid and on the day of Eid, motorbikes and carpooling will not be allowed during these seven days to travel from one district to another. Also, motorcycles cannot be driven on highways across the country during this time.”

“If one has to go from one neighborhood to another for an urgent reason, the police must be informed in advance and permission must be obtained,” the secretary said, adding that “the motorcycles of a neighborhood can only go to another neighborhood with permission from the police”. .”

He further added, “Apart from this ruling, Dhaka-based motorcycles can operate in Dhaka.”

The instruction also applies to motorcycles based on Chattogram and Barishal.