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Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone

With 4 decades of experience, Captain Sandeep Mehta is one of the main pillars of the Indian maritime industry. During this tenure, Capt Mehta has acquired considerable expertise in various aspects of port management, shipping, logistics and infrastructure.

Capt Mehta’s areas of responsibility have encompassed international supply chain and logistics, bulk and container port operations, global shipping, port infrastructure development and management.

Beginning his career as a sailor, Capt Mehta quickly rose through the ranks to become a captain, assuming command of ships that were then among the largest of the merchant carrier fleet. After 12 years of sailing, Capt Mehta decided to move offshore, where he successively held several managerial positions in the container shipping industry.

After successfully completing a difficult stint in the highly competitive container shipping industry, Captain Mehta ventured into the then nascent private port industry in India, joining the Adani Group as chairman and head of the direction of Mundra Ports and SEZ. During this period, Mundra quickly evolved from a minor port to become the largest private port in India, in various activities including container terminals, bulk, liquid and automotive logistics.

He was also responsible for the development of container terminals, private rail operations, container freight stations and inland container depots and grain storage facilities for the Adani Group in India.

He then served as CEO of Adani Ports in Australia, where he was part of the core management team, responsible for executing the Adani Group’s integrated mining, rail and port development projects, including new port extensions.

Captain Mehta is currently President of Adani Ports Business Development Activities and Overseas Port Projects.
Captain Mehta has, over the years, enriched his practical knowledge by following various specialized courses in the field of navigation and transport.

Captain Mehta was a member of the Institute of Chartered Ship Broker’s, London and also of the Company of Master Mariners, in addition to being a loss assessor and surveyor.

In his spare time, Captain Mehta writes on issues related to the maritime industries and the supply chain. He is also a regular speaker in various business and industry forums and has been invited as a guest speaker by various management institutes. Captain Mehta is also passionate about mentoring young people and helping them develop their skills. He firmly believes that a skilled India will lead to a developed India.


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