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GoZayaan aims to make travel safer

The new year started with countless festivities and celebrations. Even though November to December are the best time of year to travel, many people still haven’t had a chance to satisfy their wanderlust.

With government restrictions in place for all activities, responsibility must be practiced in all aspects of life, including travel. GoZayaan is a company that digitizes travel security for today’s smart travelers. They have taken multiple initiatives to ensure an end-to-end travel security solution for consumers.

Convenience and flexibility have been top of mind for GoZayaan since the beginning of his journey. During the pandemic, a new word has been added to this mantra – Security. Safety is often overlooked while traveling in Bangladesh due to a lack of awareness of the basic levels of tourism. The bus being the most popular means of transport, it is often also the least hygienic. From booking the bus ticket at the counter to completing the journey, there are multiple health risks that one can face. Visiting a teller is no longer a safe option in the current climate. GoZayaan is working to solve this problem by bringing the entire ticket booking experience into a digital space. From browsing to comparing prices, from booking to payment, everything can be done online on the site. Considering the surge in internet penetration and growing need for health security, a holistic end-to-end automated travel booking system has been long overdue in the tourism scene of Bangladesh. Eliminating the need to be physically present at a location to book a ticket greatly improves traveler comfort and protection.

Given the current situation, everyone is doing their best to ensure safety. As a result, many prefer flights to buses these days. But the process of booking plane tickets is quite different from that of buses. Price differences between different airlines are quite volatile. One must have the ability to browse and compare ticket prices to ensure the best deals for oneself. GoZayaan helps by providing the traveler with the transparency needed to compare and choose their own flights. It also locks the price for the traveler for 30 minutes so the price does not increase while browsing. To ensure the safety of its customers, GoZayaan has launched its “Travel Insurance” program. With an additional charge of only 10 BDT, the traveler is allowed to pay up to 1 lac BDT in case of injury or illness suffered during the trip. This way, travelers can get proper medical care even if they don’t have health insurance at their vacation spot.

While domestic travel has been the focus over the past year, international travel has also been essential for many. With travel restrictions varying from border to border, going abroad is now more complicated than ever. Overseas visits also require mandatory RT-PCR testing before a flight. However, this process is becoming increasingly confusing as different countries maintain different timelines for these tests. The GoSafe program was launched to solve this problem. This program allows travelers to check up-to-date travel guidelines for different countries with a single click. Various government-approved labs have also been integrated to integrate the booking of these tests into the ticket booking experience, eliminating the need to manually schedule a test at the appropriate time. For added convenience, online booking of additional flight ancillary services is now also available on the website for the first time in Bangladesh. Additional services such as additional baggage price range, seat selection, etc. can be used even before the traveler reaches the airport.

Although the December festivities are behind us, many still want to travel. A safe option is to plan private getaways to nearby resorts. While this eliminates the risk of long journeys, hotel security remains a significant concern. In addition, traveling to more distant destinations for business or family purposes is sometimes a necessity. Being conscious and responsible citizens in this climate means being vigilant about safety at all times. Simply carrying a mask and hand sanitizer is no longer enough. Therefore, not only the transport, but also the accommodation should be carefully checked before going on the excursion. With this in mind, GoZayaan ensures that government-regulated safety measures are maintained at all of its listed hotels. Keeping in mind recent government restrictions, the website displays the latest information on document requirements (such as vaccination card, vaccination certificates, etc.) when visiting that specific hotel in its “Hotel Policy” section. Booking with GoZayaan will also give people the comfort of enjoying their hotel rooms instantly without the need for a tedious waiting and checking-in period.

The past few years have taught us to constantly adapt to new and challenging environments. With all other aspects of regular life changing in line with the new normal, travel practices should not remain stagnant. Going flexible and safe with GoZayaan is an appropriate solution to today’s travel problems.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post