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GoZayaan aims to make travel more accessible

GoZayaan, the online travel technology platform, has been making headlines since the beginning of this year. In an uphill battle to digitize the country’s tourism scene, the company has achieved substantial success in just 4 years. Only 5% of the Bangladeshi tourism industry operates in the digital space. By working with this small demographic, the business has grown almost 10x during the difficult period of COVID-19 lockdowns. From its Go-safe program during the pandemic to integrating ancillary services into its platform, the company has proven to be a dynamic solution to ever-changing travel challenges. The company is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the traveler. In its latest attempt to allow travelers to “Go Limitless”, the company has launched its 0% NDE programensuring that the journey is possible as long as the dream exists.

The growing popularity of travel

After a long hiatus of 2 years, the journey is gradually returning to its original form. Travel abroad has never been more popular than it is today, with eager tourists rushing to the airport to finally have their dream vacation. Due to a steady increase in disposable income in recent years, people are more inclined to spend on recreation and relaxation. Moreover, travel accessibility has also increased due to the digitization of the industry. Places and services that had no visibility before are now in the public eye.

It is often seen that traveling to neighboring countries can be more profitable than traveling abroad. Therefore, the popularity of international tourism is also on the rise. Although financial stability may be the case for many, there is still a significant portion of the population who are unable to afford an entire international tour or flight at one time. To bring travel accessibility to this demographic, GoZayaan launched its 0% EMI service.

How does the 0% EMI service work?

The EMI facility provided by GoZayaan allows up to 6 months of 0% EMI for hotels and tours. For flights, 0% EMI services can be used for up to 3 months. This sets the company apart from others as it is the first time that 0% EMI has been available for flights within Bangladesh. With traveler convenience in mind, GoZayaan has further ensured minimum EMI interest rates by partnering with various banks so that travelers can get the best value for money. The company offers EMI rates up to 4% lower than banks to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

The process is paperless and hassle free as there is no need to waste half a day at the bank to avail this facility. During the “payment” stage when booking trips, the EMI option must be visible. Simply choosing the EMI plan is the end of worries about travel finances. Travelers can take up to 12 months to repay the EMI with a small additional fee. Refund is also available for transactions made using the EMI facility. A small convenience fee will be deducted in this process. However, the traveler will still be able to receive the rest of the money he paid for the travel services.

Go limitless with Travel Plans

Since launching EMI services in October 2021, GoZayaan has seen a significant increase in user acquisition and sales. Shortly after the launch of EMI services, GoZayaan’s average number of monthly customers increased by 2.54 times (253.77%) in the past 6 months. An average growth of 21% has also been seen on their platform for the EMI facility payment option over the last 6 months.

One of the main goals of integrating EMI’s facilities was not only to enable international or luxury travel, but also to provide more people with access to convenient domestic flights. It is often a problem that an individual suffers from lack of time but cannot avail the flights due to budget constraints. Thanks to their EMI facilities, there has also been an 82.45% increase in the monthly number of air tickets purchased over the past 6 months.

A brand campaign launched earlier in 2022 promised unlimited offers and services for travelers who dream without limits. GoZayaan has stayed true to its promise of providing services that make travel accessible to everyone. Whether travelers seek adventure or recreation, the beauty of nature or bustling city life, the mountains or the beach, travel can continue to be limitless.

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