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Evolving with travel: GoZayaan sets precedent for digital tourism

The term “digital tourism” refers to how travel can be organized, managed and even enjoyed using digital resources. Although a relatively new term in Bangladesh, digital tourism has slowly taken over the world’s $4 trillion tourism industry. As we have gradually moved from landlines to smartphones and information technology has become a compulsory class in schools, we must ask ourselves: why should an industry as profitable as tourism be left behind during the numerical revolution ?

GoZayaan is a forerunner in the battle to digitize the Bangladeshi tourism scene. GoZayaan is an online travel technology platform that works to gradually move the country’s tourism industry online. The company recently made headlines with the acquisition of an overseas company and an inspiring new brand campaign titled “Go Limitless”. GoZayaan’s efforts to bring about change are not only laudable, but groundbreaking in the context of Bangladesh.

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The essentials of digital tourism

Foreign tourism is heavily dominated by online players. Even our own neighboring country, India, is heavily influenced by some of the biggest OTAs in the market. The engine of digital tourism comes from a specific need: accessibility. In the age of transparency, no one should be left behind from the wonders of travel due to inaccessibility.

This has been GoZayaan’s driving force since the beginning of his journey. Offering price transparency, implementing a holistic paperless reservations system, providing a “book now, pay later” EMI facility – these are all examples of progress towards a more inclusive future. The company’s data showed an 82.45% increase in the number of airline ticket purchases in the past 6 months since the launch of the EMI facility. This only goes to prove that no limits should stand in the way of travel.

Navigating the Bangladeshi Tourism Landscape

So far, the journey hasn’t been entirely smooth for GoZayaan. The tourism scene in Bangladesh is still largely controlled by offline travel agents. With only 5% of the tourism industry having online visibility, the travel tech platform was abruptly halted during its exponential rise due to the pandemic. Consecutive closures forced many tourism businesses to close during this time. But GoZayaan is rising from the ashes like a phoenix with a new business strategy: to focus on its home turf.

The company, which focused mainly on international travel, gradually turned to national transport and hotels. GoZayaan has onboarded hotels and even intercity bus companies to meet the needs of a nation of pandemic-stricken people. The company has gone down to its roots to find suppliers and give them visibility in the digital space. GoZayaan’s initiative has played an important role in bringing the Bangladeshi tourism scene before the eyes of international travellers.

At the height of tourism, GoZayaan recently acquired a Pakistani company and expanded its operations overseas, becoming the first Bangladeshi travel platform to achieve this feat. The similarity in consumer behavior, demographics, geography, and vacations made it a smart move for the company.

Unlimited travel for the unlimited dreamer

Travel is for everyone, regardless of their preferences. Whether one prefers the mountains or the beach, recreation or adventure, bustling cities or quiet landscapes, travelers have endless possibilities to explore. GoZayaan aims to enable these people to realize their dreams.

The “Go Limitless” brand campaign delivered on the promise that travel is possible as long as the intention exists. To stay true to the promise, facilities like Travel Loan, 0% EMI, Unlimited Discounts, etc. have added new layers to their service. The campaign is here not only for travelers, but for people who travel without limits every day from their own place. From thrifty students to tech-savvy businesses, GoZayaan is here to prove they’re the go-to travel solution for tomorrow’s smart travelers.