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“Country facing serious problems due to increase in population” – Pakistan

FAISALABAD: The University of Agriculture of Faisalabad (UAF) organized a seminar in connection with World Population Day.

The seminar chaired by UAF Vice-Chancellor Prof. Iqrar Ahmad Khan was organized by UAF’s Department of Rural Sociology and Department of People’s Welfare, New Senator Hall, UAF.

Additional Assistant Commissioner General Qaiser Abbas Rind, former Dean of Social Sciences Dr. Ashfaq Maan, District Population Officer Atif Ali, Deputy Population Officer Tayyaba Azam and Muhammad Aslam Saqib of Auqaf Department took speaking at the seminar.

Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan said the country was facing serious problems due to increasing population and dwindling resources. He said the population of Bangladesh was higher than that of Pakistan.

But, now Bangladesh has controlled the spread of the population with the support of effective strategies and religious circles.

He said that in 1951 the population of Pakistan was 35 million and now it is over 220 million. He said that last year Pakistan had to import more than $10 billion worth of food, which is worrying for an agricultural country.

He urged the ulema and opinion leaders to convince the people of the negative impact of the increase in population. He also urged the Sharia court to play its role in this regard for the welfare of the country.

Qaiser Abbas Rind said that if the population of Pakistan continues to grow at the same rate, it will double in the next thirty-three years. He said the district government follows comprehensive policies for the success of people’s welfare programs.

He said public cooperation was imperative to control the rapid population increase. He said a rapid increase in population was swallowing up available resources at a high rate.

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed Maan said that the UAF organizes sensitization seminars. He said problems such as increased food security and poverty can only be reduced by controlling population expansion.

Atif Ali said that the Population Department is taking all possible measures to control the population, for which they are carrying out an awareness campaign.

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