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China says 76% of the population received full doses of COVID-19 vaccines

Some 1.068 billion people have now been vaccinated with the required doses, out of a population of 1.412 billion, Mi said at a press briefing.

The country administered 2.245 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines on Saturday, according to official data.

China is giving boosters to adults whose last dose was at least six months old, with priority groups including essential workers, the elderly and those with weaker immune systems. The data showed that the antibodies caused by the vaccines, including the most used injections of Sinovac and Sinopharm, decreased within a few months.

Wang Huaqing, chief immunization program expert at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said China will not continue to give people booster shots after booster shots.

“We hope that an ideal vaccine works well with full doses of vaccination,” Wang said during the briefing.

“Even though it needs to be boosted later, the number of boosters is limited,” Wang said. “We hope that in the future there will be better vaccines and better vaccination procedures to achieve strong protection among the public.”

China has largely contained the virus in most areas, and sporadic local outbreaks are minimal compared to those seen in other countries.

However, Mi warned on Sunday that there is a growing risk that the latest outbreak in China, involving more than 100 infections in one week in 11 provincial regions, will spread further.

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