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Bangladesh Trade Delegation Meets Turkish Trade Minister in Ankara

A visiting Bangladeshi business delegation met Turkish Minister of Commerce Dr. Mehmut MUS at his ministry in Ankara and discussed ways to increase bilateral trade between the two sister nations.

Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) President Rizwan Rahman led the trade team in Turkiye.

During the meeting, Rizwan Rahman said that the current bilateral trade between Bangladesh and Turkey is around $900 million, which is not satisfactory at all. Existing bilateral trade can be increased to over US$2 billion through greater trade diversification.

He also said progress in public-private and B2B partnership between the two countries remains weak. Turkish investors can consider Bangladesh’s 100 economic zones and 28 high-tech parks as their favorite investment destinations.

In addition, meetings of the Joint Economic Commission should be held regularly to organize effective joint exhibitions and seminars on bilateral economic issues and discuss trade issues. Additionally, Bangladesh and Turkey can work and advocate together to form an effective D-8 economic bloc, Rizwan said.

Turkey’s Trade Minister acknowledged that bilateral trade between the two countries was not at the expected level.

He also called Bangladesh an attractive investment destination. The two countries should work together to increase this volume of trade.

Mehmut said a few Turkish companies are already doing business in Bangladesh and they are doing very well. And this success will be an example for others to invest in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Ankara, Mosud Mannan, was also present at the meeting.