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Bangladesh food brand plans Dh300m sales in GCC

Dubai: Pran, a Bangladeshi fast-growing consumer goods (FMCG) brand, expects sales to jump more than 68% to Dh 160 million in the United Arab Emirates this year.

He expects sales in the GCC to reach Dh300 million.

“Last year our turnover reached Dh95 million and we expect it to reach Dh 160 million this year,” said Hasan Mahbub, Managing Director of Pran Foods UAE. Gulf News.

“In the United Arab Emirates, our average consolidated monthly turnover is around 9 million Dh. We have provisionally coverage of 12,000 grocery stores and cafeterias, 500 supermarkets and more than 100 hypermarkets.

The company’s commercial network is served by 218 people, including 145 in direct sales, 28 in distribution support, 18 audit and merchandise professionals, nine in marketing and 18 general employees.

Pran, which in Bengali means ‘life’ actually means ‘Program for Rural Advancement at National Level’, is one of the greatest success stories of the agro-food industries in Bangladesh, produced by the Agricultural Marketing Company, which was established. in 1981.

The company produces soft drinks, juices, snacks, cookies and spices.

“Recently, we have added rice and lentils as staples to our distribution network,” he said.

Pran established its first branch outside Bangladesh in the United Arab Emirates in 2003. Prior to that, the brand started exporting to Saudi Arabia in 2001.

Slow start

After a slow start, the sales of the company gradually increased from 4 million Dh in 2007 to 24 million Dh in 2008. Despite the financial crisis, its sales continue to grow, reaching 40 million Dh in 2009, 55 million of Dh in 2010, then to 95 million Dh in 2011, says Mahbub.

Pran is the largest producer and processor of fruits and vegetables in Bangladesh, currently serving 300 million customers in 77 countries. Pran, which employs 30,000 people, currently produces more than 200 food products in 10 categories. It exports products to 77 countries.

Pran plans to introduce a number of products to the market.

“Beverages is a segment that we have a lot to do and confectionery is another segment that we plan to focus on,” said Mahbub.

New brand

“The bakery is a group of products that we are going to bring. We expect a quadruple growth of the business [rice and lentils] This year. Power is our new brand of energy and I hope this summer we can bring critical mass to this product movement. “

Last year, the group reported pre-tax profit of 55.36 million taka (2.4 million dirhams) and gross sales of 1.44 billion taka. The company’s total export was reported at 279.32 million taka.

“GCC is a great market for FMCG activities with its enormous potential. FMCG companies with long-term sustainable plans have a great future in GCC,” he said.

“Compared to the UAE, FMCG markets in other GCC countries are still immature. Saudi Arabia and Oman are two examples. Facilitating cross-border movement of goods and relaxing the rules could increase inter-GCC activities. “

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