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Bangladesh business tycoon blackmailed by racketeering

Finally, the Pandora’s Box of the suicide of Mosharrat Jahan Munia was opened by the paternal uncle of the victim, Shahadat Hossain Selim, a businessman from the city of Chittagong. According to him, Munia’s older sister Nusrat Jahan and her husband Mizanur Rahman Sunny, an officer of Meghna Bank Limited, used Munia to make money by blackmailing various wealthy people. Selim said that Nusrat and her husband had used Munia as a tool to make money for years. It was reported earlier in the media that at the age of 17, Munia had fled her ancestral home in Comilla with a married man and that they were subsequently married in secret. As Munia’s family took legal action, this marriage had finally come to an abrupt end. A few years later, on the advice of her older sister Nusrat, Munia came to Dhaka with the ambition of becoming a model and actress. She was introduced to a section of showbiz members. After being introduced to the showbiz people, Munia started attending various clubs in Dhaka city and began to increase her social contacts.

It can be mentioned here that Mosharrat Jahan Munia recently committed suicide in an apartment in the post Gulshan district of Dhaka. Later, his older sister Nusrat Jahan wrongly brought allegations against Sayem Sobhan Anvir, managing director of the country’s largest business conglomerate – Bashundhara Group. Nusrat even went further by claiming that his younger sister Munia was Anvir’s mistress. But in reality, Anvir was just one of the many wealthy people who knew Munia. She was not his mistress, and there had never been any real relationship between them. Instead, Mosharrat Jahan Munia, on the advice of his older sister Nusrat Jahan and brother-in-law Mizanur Rahman Sunny, played a nasty trick to make Anvir a victim of his blackmail. We also learn from credible sources that Munia would extract money from various wealthy individuals by blackmailing them.

According to the case statement, Munia had quarreled with Sayem again after photos of an iftar party she attended with the owner’s family were shared on social media by the owner’s wife on the 23rd. April. Sayem expressed concern that Piasa, a Facebook friend of the owner’s wife, would inform her mother of recent developments, according to the case statement. Sayem also asked Munia to return to Comilla immediately and also told her that he would be leaving for Dubai on April 27.

Munia’s older sister, Nusrat Jahan, mentioned in the case that Munia’s life was in danger and that she could be murdered if Sayem’s parents found out about their relationship.

Complainant Nusrat, in a case statement, said her sister told her the accused would marry her and live abroad. Especially since if they stayed in Bangladesh, Sayem’s parents would kill Munia, even if they did nothing with their son.

Dhaka Tribune claimed to have obtained an unverified audio conversation from Sayem and Munia where a male voice is heard accusing the woman of stealing 5 million BDT. The female was heard crying and repeatedly denying the threat allegation, while the male voice repeatedly cursed and used profanity.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner, Gulshan Division Sudip Kumar Chakraborty said: “Munia informed her older sister on Sunday that she was in trouble. Hearing this, Nusrat came from Comilla to Dhaka on Monday and rushed to her house in the evening.

“Since Munia was unreachable on the phone for a while and wouldn’t open the door, Nusrat broke the lock and then found her sister hanging from the ceiling fan in her bedroom.”

According to media reports, Munia had been a spoiled child in the family since she was a child. In addition, she had the ambition to become rich by joining showbiz. Taking advantage of such ambition, Munia’s older sister Nusrat and her banker husband Mizanur Rahman Sunny put Munia under their control and used her to earn huge sums of money, mostly through blackmail in targeting high net worth individuals.

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