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Bangladesh business community donates to MNT settlements



The Bangladesh Business Association yesterday handed over food bags to more than 300 families in the settlements of Port Moresby.
President of the Bangladesh Business Association, Mohammed Wahed brought in food rations worth over K50,000 to help the Mulsim Islam community and those in the Bush Wara colony and others.
Two weeks ago, Mr Wahed and his team presented K 150,000 to the PNG National Operations Center office for use in the fight against the coronavirus.
On April 26, Desh Besh Limited PNG donated K50,000 to the NCDC City Food Program to help those in need of food.
Mr Wahed told Post-Courier that the business community in Port Moresby is worried as the virus threatens the lives of many people, including PNG which is affecting many people in the city, due to the lockdown.
“Our businesses are affected and for this reason we are concerned and ready to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in PNG.
“I can assure you that during the time that PNG is fighting the global war against the coronavirus, the Bangladesh Business Association in PNG will be working with the government and its parent agencies,” he said.
Since its inception in 1992, the company has provided jobs for over 500 nationals and will employ 300 more at the new 11-Mile agro-farm on Sogeri Road.
Mr Wahed said Desh Besh Limited has supported providing aid in PNG when the country is hit by droughts, floods and volcanoes and will continue to help.


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