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Baby food brands in Bangladesh: an overview


Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. The food sector is therefore experiencing a revolution in this country. The baby products industry has experienced significant growth in recent years due to rising revenues in emerging markets. In addition, with the changes in parents’ attitudes towards child rearing and health care issues, consumers are increasingly interested in premium baby products. Therefore, the baby food market is growing steadily by using advanced technology and introducing new products for consumers. While a few local brands have access to the marker, many large multinational companies are now leader of the baby food industry in Bangladesh. Let’s take a look at the best brand of baby food in Bangladesh.

Dominant baby food brands in Bangladesh in 2021

Nestlé Bangladesh

Although Nestlé is a multinational baby food brand, it has a filling, processing and packaging plant in Bangladesh. In addition, they also started the production of lactogen brands locally. Therefore, Nestlé localizes its products. Nestlé Bangladesh started business operations in 1994. They entered the country’s baby food industry with sweetened condensed milk, infant cereal repackaging and infant nutrition. Over the past two decades, Nestlé Bangladesh has offered a variety of foods for babies and people of all skill levels.

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Nestlé is currently the baby food industry leader in Bangladesh with over 50% market share.

For baby foods, they are known for CERELAC, LACTOGEN (1, 2, 3, 4 and RECOVER), NESTLÉ NIDO (FORTIGROW, 1+, 3+), and NAN (1, 2, AL110 and PRENAN).

Over the years, Nestlé Bangladesh has continued to innovate in various product lines to ensure a healthier future in Bangladesh.

Mother ‘Smile by Abul Khair Group

The main brands of baby food in the Abul Khair group include Mother’s Smile and certain grain products. The company entered the baby food industry in 2005 with dairy products and subsequently expanded the products. In addition, they have MARKS Active School and MARKS Active School 2 in 1 in the baby food category.

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In addition, Abul Khair Group also imports baby food from well-known companies such as Murray Goulburn, Australia, and Omani Euro Food Industries from Oman. The company’s pipeline operates through licensing, co-promotion and co-marketing, ensuring balance in its portfolio. Therefore, they are experiencing sustainable growth in the food industry.

In the future, Abul Khair Group aims to expand its activities on milk cereals (chic rice / dal / vegetables), non-dairy cereals (Nestum) and infant formulas (anti-diarrhea, LBW formulas, mother breastfeeding).

Deelac by Arla Foods Bangladesh

Dennis Company’s Arla food products have been available in Bangladesh since 1961 through various importers. Different companies have been involved in importing Arla baby food. Later in 2011, the company established its branch in Bangladesh and started operating under the name Arla Foods Bangladesh.

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They entered the baby food industry in Bangladesh through Dealer. They market their product under the Dano brand, a popular brand in Bangladesh. Besides Deelac, Arla also sells dairy products under the Dano subcategory.

Some popular baby food products available in Bangladesh

In this section, we have discussed some brands of baby food that do not have factories in Bangladesh, but their products are available from exporters and resellers.


Heinz is a world famous brand of baby food. However, they do not officially operate in Bangladesh. Instead, different importers supplied Heinz baby food to the country as demand for Heinz products increased dramatically.

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They have a wide range of products including baby cereals, creams, snacks, mash and more.

The parent company was established in 1869, but entered the baby food industry in 1931. Today, it offers over 55 baby foods, and most of the items are available in Bangladesh. Despite the popularity of Heinz baby food in Bangladesh, there is no report on their market share. But, it is surely on the rise!


Biomol is a popular infant formula. It is a product of FASSKA, a company based in Belgium, but which would operate through Vitalac Dairy & Food Industries Ltd in Bangladesh.

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FASSKA was established in 1981 with the aim of providing nutrition to infants, young children and adults. Therefore, over the years, they have constantly increased their product line through research. And they are specialized in the production of infant formula of different levels.

For infants, they have standard infant formula, premium infant formula, advanced infant formula, balanced complete formula, special infant formula, and infant cereal. Almost all of these products are marketed under the name Biomil.


Eldobaby is a Swiss infant formula that has been around for over 100 years. In 1908, they began to produce infant formula made from cereals. Nevertheless, they do not have an official operation in Bangladesh, but the best Eldobaby items are available in the country through exporters.

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Eldobaby is produced under parent company HOCHDORF, which also owns other brands of baby food. Eldobaby offers a wide range of product variations for infants up to 2 years and older. They have another popular brand called Eldomilk.


PediaSure is a brand of nutritional supplements for children 1 year to teenage years, manufactured by Abbott Nutrition. It contains over 37 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, zinc, vitamin E, and choline, among others. Right now, Abbott Nutrition is busy cramming even more ingredients into its Pediasure brand of nutritional supplements. As a pharmaceutical company, Abbott launched PediaSure in 1996 and has become a pioneer in the untapped market. Currently they have several products for different age levels.

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Infant milk baby meal

Baby Meal is another brand of Eldobaby. It is a complementary food for babies from 6 months to 24 months, as it provides additional proteins, carbohydrates and minerals essential for the growth of the child. It is made up of whey protein, lactose and vegetable fat, which are suitable for children requiring additional nutrients as this formula does not contain any added sugar or salt during processing. However, he is not as popular as the Eldobay itself.

Final words

The baby food industry in Bangladesh is primarily based on Nestlé Bangladesh. But there are a few other players trying to grab market share. But Nestlé is likely to hold the position as they have over 50% market share.

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