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As caste census approved, Bihar BJP mantri demands law to reduce population | India News

PATNA: A day after the Bihar cabinet approved the economic and caste-based population census, the BJP state on Friday raised its pet demand for a population control policy and accompanying law to the state.
A few BJP state leaders also advised the government to make the exercise foolproof and error-free.
A BJP quota minister in Nitish Kumar’s government, Neeraj Kumar Babloo, said that now that a caste-based headcount would be carried out, it was also up to the government to pass its own law on control of the population given the “demographic explosion” in the state.
Babloo added that the exercise should also count infiltrators, whether Bangladeshi or Rohingya Muslims. “There is the greatest need for population control among Muslims. We have seen that they hide the number of people in their families. They have three wives and about 20 children but don’t disclose it,” Babloo said.
He said that due to the population explosion, the development initiatives taken by the government had not borne fruit.
Against the BJP position as stated by Babloo, JD(U) State Chairman Umesh Kushwaha said CM Nitish Kumar was aware of the population explosion but explained that the problem could be solved by increasing women’s literacy and education. “He showed that spreading education among girls leads to population control,” Kushwaha said.
On the other hand, Sushil Kumar Modi, a member of Rajya Sabha and a senior BJP official, said that the state government should send teams to Karnataka and Telangana to study how they conducted population-based censuses. castes.