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A Virat Kohli fan distributes food to people in need

Former India captain Virat Kohli is currently struggling with his form but his die-hard fans are still supporting him as they have since day one. His fans try everything to make the stars align for the cricketer.


A Virat Kohli fan distributes food to the needy

One of his fans recently handed out food packets to the needy with a wish to see the 33-year-old mark his 71st international century. Even though the name of this hardcore fan has not been disclosed, it’s a nice gesture that shows just how crazy his fan following really is.

It was shared on the internet by a Twitter user named Pranshu Thakur. He shared photos of people in need holding boxes of food that had Thaagam Foundation written on them. The box also contained a text saying “Waiting for Virat 71st century”.

Along with the images, the caption read: “A Virat Kohli fan distributing food to hungry people and children so that his wish, Virat Kohli, marks his 71st century. Nice gesture from the Virat fan and it’s a mad fan following Kohli.”

When was Virat Kohli in the last century?

Virat Kohli returned to India’s ODI side after recovering from a slight groin sprain but only managed to score 16 out of 25 balls. After India lost by 100 runs in the of the second ODI, Kohli has now gone 77 consecutive international rounds without scoring a century.

Virat Kohli

His last international centenary came in the historic Pink Ball Test against Bangladesh at Eden Gardens in Kolkata, en route to his game-winning 136 run.

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