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18 Famous Sikkim Foods You Can’t Miss

Sikkim is one of the favorite places for Indians to visit, not only for its beauty, but also for the local cuisine. Sikkim’s food has been mainly influenced by its neighboring countries, especially Nepal and Tibet. For this reason, most people in Sikkim eat rice, soup, dumplings, mixed meat and vegetables, and stews. This state has a variety of dishes to offer that you will enjoy and satisfy your taste buds while sampling the local cuisine of Sikkim.

To better understand the place, try the local cuisine of Sikkim. As the flavors of Sikkim speak best of its culture, dishes that have layers of flavors will surely make your mouth water. These dishes will surprise you for sure. Sikkim is one of the most beautiful states in our country. Their dishes and drinks are also popular as they offer the best taste.

here are the famous foods of Sikkim you must try:

1. Dal Bhat

Dal Bhaat, which is also a craze in many parts of Bangladesh, Nepal and India, is a traditional food of Sikkim. A comforting meal consisting only of boiled rice and lentil soup. In India, it is also known as dal chawal.

The taste of lentil soup may be different from region to region due to spices like turmeric, salt, and other spices. The Sikkimese consider this meal as a simple and light meal. They prefer to use it in daily life. Enjoying meaningfully checking out Sikkim’s local food becomes the top priority.

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2. Gundruk and Sinki

Gundruk and Sinki are one of the most popular dishes in Sikkim. These two dishes are preferable among people because of their taste and health benefits. Sikkim cuisine dishes are made with radish and cauliflower then cooked with spices and tomato sauce. Taproots are used as the main ingredient for this last part. The fermentation process is done to get a sour taste. For Gundruk, mustard greens are added to add a pleasant flavor.

The best part of the dishes is rich in dietary fiber which keeps the metabolism in good place. Moreover, these dishes are of Nepali origin.

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3. Cari Masauyra

Masaurya curry is Sikkim’s most popular local dish. It is also a famous Nepalese cuisine. Fermented black gram is the main ingredient to make curry more delicious. It looks like a ball with a spicy seasoning. It is mostly served with cooked rice so you can taste all the spices. A staple among the cuisines of Sikkim.

Curry Masauyra

4. Thukpa

Another authentic Sikkim food that you should definitely try in the Indian state of Sikkim is Thukpa. Sikkim’s street food is pretty good on the delicious food train. All restaurants in Sikkim serve this wonderful dish.

It is a flavored noodle soup dish mainly originating from Tibet. Ingredients like garlic, chopped onions and green chillies add spicy flavor to make it more amazing. It is available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties.

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5. Thenthuk

Thenthuk is a delicious soup and an amazing dish from Sikkim. It is prepared as a noodle soup which includes vegetables, wheat flour and meat. It is considered the best Tibetan food in Sikkim.

To add more flavor to dishes, many restaurants use chili powder. While some people use vegetables to make them more healthy and beneficial. An important fact is that it is included in the dinner of the Sikkim people. It is a favorite food of the Sikkimese.

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6. Hindu

One of the famous dishes of Sikkim is Dhindo. It is very popular among locals as well as tourists. The dish originated in Nepal, but is still popular in many parts of Darjeeling and Sikkim. For preparation, the flour mixture is added to boiling water.

Ingredients such as butter and grains such as wheat and corn flour are used. Traditionally, flour is prepared with buckwheat. An iron pan utensil called Palame Tapke and an iron spatula called Dabilo are used. The latter is used in the mixture of a mixture which makes it possible to prepare a delicious food of Sikkim appreciated by the people and the tourists of Sikkim.


7. Janr

Jaanr is the traditional drink of Sikkim. The best thing about this drink is that it is served in many varieties in local stores. Names like Bhaate Jaanr, Makai ko Jaanr, Gahun ko Jaanr, Simal tarul ko Jaanr, Jahun ko Jaanr and many more are immensely popular among tourists.

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Momos are one of the most famous and delicious Tibetan dishes of all time. Not just in Sikkim, but he has now become famous all over the country. It is featured in every stall and restaurant in so many states that people find so delicious.

For those who don’t know what a Momo is – It’s a dumpling made from flour dough with stuffing. The stuffing can include ingredients like chicken, cheese, and vegetables. Two of its types are steamed and sautéed momos. There is no doubt that Sikkim momos are quite famous.

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9. Sikkim tea

When we talk about Sikkim tea, it is so rich and refreshing that it is made with the finest tea leaves from Tim’s tea garden. It is served in unique traditional cups. Undoubtedly, it is the main drink to try in Sikkim.


10. Bamboo shoot curry

Bamboo shoot curry is a standard and staple dish of Sikkim and boiled bamboos are used to cook this curry. To negate the bitter taste of bamboo, they add turmeric to the curry. Sikkim’s food is incomplete without the infamous bamboo shoot curry. This curry is called Tama Curry. It is found in many places in Sikkim.

Bamboo shoot curry

11. Chhurpi Soup

Chhurpri soup is made from cottage cheese. This traditional Sikkim food is served as a drink to the guests. Cheese and panch phoran are the important ingredients of this soup. The garnish of this soup is coriander leaves which add a refreshing taste.

Chhurpi Soup

12. Niguru with Churpi

Niguru with Churpi is the local snack of Sikkim. It is one of the delicious dishes that are usually cooked in homes. It is a fermented food in which the cheese is cooked with the bracken fern.

Niguru with Churpi

13. Kodo Ko Roti

Kudos Koi roti is a popular Nepalese cuisine on the streets of Sikkim. It is made from a combination of tomato achaar and Kodo Ko roti. It is served with a variety of pickles. The pancake is prepared with finger millet as the main ingredient called Kodo. Important ingredients are sugar and ghee.

Kodo ko roti is a popular Nepalese cuisine on the streets of Sikkim. It is made from a combination of Tomato Achar and Kodo Ko roti. It is served with a variety of pickles. The pancake is prepared with finger millet as the main ingredient called Kodo. Important ingredients are sugar and ghee.

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14. Gya Kho

Gya Kho is the appetizing local dish of Sikkim. It is the chimney soup served in the bowl because the bowl gives the shape of a chimney thus is the name of the soup. This soup has been added to the list of favorite foods of Sikkim due to its delicious taste. It is cooked over charcoal with many different ingredients.

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15. Curry Kinema

Kinema Curry is taken with rice in Sikkim. It is rich in protein and that is what makes this dish unique in flavor. It has a different taste which gives a nice flavor after adding boiled soybeans. Turmeric powder, onions, red chilli and tomatoes are fried before the addition of soy which amplifies the flavor.


16. Chang

Chang’s other name is Thrombi and it is a traditional drink of the Limbu people of eastern Nepal. Chang is a local fermented alcoholic beverage served and sipped with a bamboo pipe. Sikkim has many local drinks like these, but these are made of alcohol and are also very cheap.

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17. Shimi Ko Achar

Shimi Ko Achar is a very popular vegetarian dish in Sikkim. It is a perfect combination of achar and seal roti. It is also called String Bean pickle. A flavored dish, it is a mixture of green bean seasonings with sesame seeds, lemon juice and green chilies. A healthy yet delicious dish is super easy to prepare. This dish is readily available at local food stores.


18. Sael Roti

Sael Roti (bread) is a flavorful and extraordinarily popular dish in Sikkim. The preparation includes a paste of water and rice. Then it is fried in boiling hot oil to perfection. The fried bread mostly served with potato curry fully satisfies your taste buds. The source of this dish was originally from Nepal and Tibet. A perfect dish you must try in Sikkim cuisine.

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